to Becoming an Author & Facilitator
Who wants to talk about abuse? NO One!
AND… that’s precisely why I do.

I’ve seen and experienced how becoming consciously aware, practicing the idea of consciousness, and integrating the mind, body, and spirit can drastically – dramatically change your life forever.

The word dramatic is intentional because drama is what you want to release to become whole.

As I’ve stated before, it’s not about forgetting, denying, burying, or escaping. We will always find the act of abuse repulsive, but the only way to activate change is to bring abuse into the light

Millions Have Suffered some form of abuse. Over 10 million a year suffer from domestic violence in the U.S., and nearly 700,000 children are abused annually. That number is likely much higher considering the prevalence of children not speaking up about abuse.

Woman sitting with her head bowed to her knees looking depressed

Wait! Wasn’t this supposed to be about my journey to becoming a facilitator? Sorry. But you see, that’s what happens when I discuss this topic. Besides the energetic healing work that I’ve practiced and learned to facilitate, I’ve also done my research homework. The information flows. Those who listen have said, Martha, it’s your calling.

It hasn’t always been easy to use my voice. Growing up, I was told to “keep my mouth shut and keep the peace.”

It would be easy to say, “Oh, she’s a survivor still hurt and just wants attention. My mother would have undoubtedly accused me of that, but she was never consciously aware. It’s clear she never acknowledged some form of trauma in her past, was stuck in belief systems, and imprinted them upon me. I was determined to break the cycle of generational trauma.

From the Beginning

When I started going to workshops on learning to become heart-centered, many would immediately be excited, wanting to become a coach and facilitate. There was a lot of chatting about buying a center for people to gather and share.

Instead, I wanted to see how my life would change by becoming, living, breathing heart-centered consciousness in the outer world. If I was going to be a way-shower, I wanted to be authentic.

Trust me, I fell on my butt a lot, and I also saw people all hopped up on spirituality, yet still struggling and falling on their butts as well. So, my thought was, what would it take for all these wonderfully inspiring concepts to be fully present and activated in my life? Plus, I had to deal with waking up from suppressed emotions.

Plant in soil with a cut away view of the roots

What’s Happening?

As time passed, I serendipitously noticed that people were starting to open up to me without any prodding. It wasn’t until then that I got the calling. Yet, I still ignored it. I persisted in working on myself as life dealt me many more lessons.

I was still getting hints through things said to me. While there are many examples, here are just a few.

    1. A friend called me (who I hadn’t seen in years) to say she made a bracelet that said WWMD. “I said, what are you talking about?” She said, “Well, you know how all these people are wearing WWJD bracelets? I’m dealing with this issue, and I asked myself, what would Martha do?”
    2. When I owned my insurance agency, a customer said, “When I come in here, you’re not just my agent. You give me free life counseling.”
    3. After selling my agency and working at a job I liked but was too far of a drive, a co-worker said, “You can’t leave. You’re my therapist.”

It became abundantly apparent that people who needed my help gravitated to me. Or were they sent? How long was I going to wait to fulfill my destiny?

The Calling Became Stronger

I was reminded how during NLP certification some years prior, the instructor asked, “You’re already a coach, aren’t you?” Surprised by my answer of no, he said, “You already are, even if you don’t know it yet.”

While abuse is gradually being more exposed, it still lies in an uncomfortable veil of silence. There is more attention given to the atrocity than the healing from it. Healing is the only way for us to become a more functional society. It’s not about just coping but accepting what happened and moving forward in helping release the long-term effects.

Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed - quote from Akshay Dubey

Fulfilling the Calling

I will not proclaim that I have a miracle fix for you because it’s a journey. Who hasn’t heard the expression “life is a journey”? I will never proclaim to be a healer, as I know that healing comes from within each individual. I will acknowledge that I’ve been given a gift to assist in healing facilitation. And so, my journey continues as I do what I was meant to do. Aid, guide, and support those who have unresolved effects from their abuse. I do it with gratitude to all I can help. It truly is about you. I’d be honored to have you join me.

Never forget the healing power of music

As I wrote the words “From the Beginning,” a song by Emerson, Lake & Palmer, I decided to listen to it. Randomly, after that, another piece of music caught my attention. It’s called “Ancestral Karma Clearing” by Sound Energy Alchemist. Sound and vibration heal!

Musical notes and Waves

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