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of abuse to free themselves from its’ haunting long-term effects to achieve emotional resilience and freedom by accessing their innate internal wisdom and healing capabilities

“It is more painful to spend an entire lifetime trying to bury the pain of the past than it is to face your fears and free yourself from the agony.”

~ Martha DuSage

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“Bridging the Gaps”

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Beyond Abuse
Journey is for you?

Video Transcript

Martha DuSage

Transcript Video One: Meet Martha; Discover if Beyond Abuse is for you.

Hello and Welcome!

Let’s get right to it.

Survivors of abuse already know that its long-term effects disrupt our lives and are challenging to overcome.

What’s vitally important is how to kick those disruptive long-term effects to the curb so you feel strong, confident, and alive.

Living well is what you deserve.

Please stay with me for a moment and let me explain how after surviving abuse, there isn’t anything you can’t overcome.

How do I know?

I took the journey.

I’m Martha DuSage; Author, Teacher, Speaker, Energetic Facilitator, and Transformation Activist – Here to empower survivors of abuse to free themselves from the haunting effects of abuse and achieve emotional resilience and freedom by accessing their innate internal wisdom and healing capabilities.

I was there. I had repressed memory and all the internal rumblings that went with it.

In my youth, I hid it well, and I hid my suicidal ideation. Something that no one should ever suffer from, yet research shows up to 80% of those with suicidal thoughts have a history of childhood abuse.

To heal, we must bring abuse out of the shadow of suppression.

Through a workshop on heart-centered consciousness, I awakened from the sleep of denial and embraced my new journey.

I have practiced, researched, and studied for over three decades, discovering a path to salvation.

I’ve assembled proven methods and created new techniques for you and others to discover your path to self-regulate and achieve self-mastery over the drama, chaos, pain, and discomfort.


In 2014, I became a best-selling author on using conscious awareness to heal from abuse.

Beyond Abuse, An Empowered Journey of Soul, Science & Self-Help is my latest expanded work.

It removes the conflict and confusion in becoming whole after feeling fragmented.

It fills the gaps missing in many popular programs.

I will vehemently proclaim that – “It is more painful to spend an entire lifetime trying to bury the past than it is to face your fears and free yourself from the agony.” 

You can feel good. You don’t have to live with the anxiety and the ridiculously long list of conditions related to a history of abuse.

Life is challenging enough without the symptoms you may not even recognize as stifling your vitality.

With my guidance using ancient wisdom, modern healing techniques, insights, and the research to back it up, you can learn to feel safe, confident, and enjoy the journey.

I want to thank you for your patience and support while we finish the new web construction, and put the finishing touches on the new book and the online companion course.

You deserve a well-balanced, fulfilling life now!

If you’re ready, follow these two simple steps to begin your awakened journey.

ONE: Share your email with me on the link provided. When you do, you’ll receive a free pdf of the introduction to the new book.

Note that I will not stalk you or sell your personal information, ever. But I will start to send you tips, insights, and inspirational wisdom.

Remember that you can unsubscribe at any time.

TWO: Please join me on your favorite social platform for more guidance. Click on the icon below!

I’ll be announcing the official launch of Beyond Abuse: An Empowered Journey of Soul, Science & Self-Help, the companion on-demand class, and availability for private sessions very soon.

Stay tuned for samplings and discounted introductory pricing.

If you are ready to ignite your passion, and if what I said resonates or feels good, take action today.

Feel free to drop questions and constructive comments below, or email me at

See you soon.


Click the
video to

Discover if the
Beyond Abuse
Journey is for you?

You Will…

Learn to Overcome




Learn to Conquer

Self Doubt


Uplifted and Hopeful
Wholeness of being
Mind, Body, Spirit Integration
Like YOU

Dedicated to survivors, from a survivor
who took the journey to discover peace
and freedom…


Tracy Brooker- headshot

Tracy Brooker, MAED

I recognize Martha as one of a handful of elite practitioners who really gets to the root and helps you live your life, without hanging on to the everyday effect abuse creates.

Lizette Flores - headshot

Lizette Flores, LMT

Reading this book and working with Martha has provided me with clarity and perspective. I’m not getting upset about things that I would have before because so much is making sense.

Nancy Schmidt - headshot

Nancy Schmidt, SpEd

When you read this book, you are reading the words as they would authentically come from Martha’s heart and mind. Its authenticity will safely lead you down a path of personal discovery allowing your heart, mind, and spirit to prepare for the gift of peace.

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