Why Bother?

To Explore this Website


Why Bother? To Explore this website.
Why Bother? - Front Cover
  • Because: You Can Go Well Beyond Survival from Abuse, Recovery & Trauma
  • Because: The Ideal Path is that of Self-Discovery Through Conscious Awareness & I AM Presence
  • Because: You Can Be Empowered to Experience the Real, Authentic You
  • Because: We are all striving for the same things: Peace, Freedom, Fulfillment, Love & Joy (including comfort and safety)


There is a myriad of information on self-help, healing, transformation, consciousness, awakening—whatever you want to call it— so WHY BOTHER to consider what I have to say?

Before I tell you that, first let me say I am not going to tell you that all you have to do is just think positive or just send love and your life will instantaneously transform. In fact, I wish we would reduce the use of the words just and all.

I will tell you that “with a little effort, effort becomes effortless.”

I will tell you, through the practice of conscious awareness, “when frustration makes you feel maniacal; you can become the magician and transmute that energy into something magical.”

The truth is, as you awaken some things in your life might crumble before getting better. Suddenly, the reflection in the mirror changes, or the glass shatters. As in the metaphor from the movie The Matrix, you may find yourself saying, “oh crap, I took the red pill, can I change my mind?” This is your authentic-self reminding you that you made a commitment to create a divinely connected, yet self-directed (free will), more perfect life for yourself.

“Sometimes we just don’t know, what we don’t know, until you know it.”  ~me~

Self-discovery is highly empowering. Get clues to awakening your personal path in my book:

Why Bother?

     Because Self-Help

          IS Never Stupid

Tired of suffering silently? Tired of asking for help and feel like you are being judged? Tired of reliving drama and trauma?

Are you ready, willing, and able to step into knowing what it feels like, on an integrated level of wholeness, to “let go,” even if it makes others around you uncomfortable? What others think doesn’t matter, what matter is how you feel from your entire soul being.

Effort is a perception and you have a choice as to how you interpret and perceive your efforts. Once you step into your integrated-authentic-self, your perception may change because your will, will be powerfully charged, and you will act upon things with pleasure or purpose rather than seeing them as burdensome.

Discover you are not alone, as you read and listen to song lyrics. Music is a universal tool for healing and connecting to pure source. Use it, as I did, to help you;


So to my fellow seekers, I say “Ayah Asher Ayah.” This means; I will be what I WILL to be. If you are ready to strengthen your will and integrate your entire being, “welcome to an adventure into that which yet lies in the unimagined.”

The journey into expanded consciousness is an extra-ordinary, supernatural adventure, so please keep your awareness highly tuned for information on up-coming workshops and more book titles to be announced soon by signing up for the newsletter.  Namaste!


~ Music, of any kind, creates universal oneness and healing, as it allows our hearts to soar towards the authentic, joyous,  & free us ~

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Martha Du'Sage - Author

Martha Du’Sage – Author


The journey into expanded consciousness is extra-ordinary, so please keep your awareness highly tuned for information on up-coming workshops and more book titles to be announced in the near future by signing up for the newsletterNamaste!


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