When someone says something that you don’t necessarily like or want to hear, do you sometimes perceive that as argumentative? Can you tell when it’s intended to be, and when it’s not? Does anyone really like to argue?

Is it possible, that even if the other person isn’t completely expressing from their heart, you can allow yourself to let go of your perception, and your ego, allowing discernment to take over, long enough to see where the other person’s ego, emotions, or perceptions lie? Always ask “what will it take for me to be at peace no matter what?”

Can you allow yourself to take a breath, ponder from the head, imagine from the heart, and check in with your authentic-self to offer some understanding? Your high-heart will help you discern. Sometimes it is a great idea to keep recognition, and awareness to yourself. You can always let the smile created by the ah-ha to come up inside.

It’s pretty amazing what happens when you give it a little try, even if it doesn’t at first appear to have a good result. Stick with it, you just might find your relationships changing. Sometimes it’s for the better, sometimes for the worse, or sometimes they simply dissolve. Any way it turns out, when you allow yourself to perceive things more divinely (particularly from the divine within), it all seems okay.

Ask your spirit and your ego, what they both have to say about the situation. In asking, and listening to what each has to say separately, often the truth will show up. Try it. Kinda cool isn’t it?

Don’t forget to embrace the disturbances.

Now practice the same thing, from the opposite perspective, by first asking yourself, “what is going on inside me causing me to perceiving this way?” “Where is the conflict within myself?” Hmm. Not quite as easy, is it? But, it will get easier with practice. A little practice makes it practical.

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“Headstrong” by Trapt

“One Step Closer” by Linkin Park 

“Animal I’ve Become” by Three Days Grace