Ayah Asher Ayah… I’m sure I must have heard it somewhere before, but years back, when it showed up in meditation, I knew it was important. So I did what a lot of us do, I Googled it. And…for purposes of this New Year’s Eve post, I Googled it again, and dang… I can’t find the exact reference from before. Oh well.

Anyway, it’s rooted in Hebrew, and the typical translation is “I Am That I Am.” You know the expression that the burning bush said to that guy Moses in Exodus 3:14, and was written in the Torah before that. That first time I searched it, I found an alternative translation, which is “I will be, what I will to be.” To me that sounds an awful lot like, our God-given free will, and the ability to will into being, whoever and whatever we choose to be. It zapped me like a lightening bolt, and offered a sense of empowerment.  

Stop reading just for now, close your eyes, say it to yourself, Ayah…Asher…Ayah… I will be… What I (emphasize the I)… will to be. Breathe deep and say a few more times. Did you like it? I loved it then, and I love it now.

Some say I will be what I will be, but to me leaving out “to,” feels like it leaves out try, as in trying to be a better person or trying to create a life of your dreams. In fact, it feels like it leaves out dreams altogether. Leaving out “to” kinda sounds to me like giving up, and conforming. The more I awaken, conforming is not something I can easily do, or ever really could for that matter. Of course that’s just me, my opinion and how I feel. You get to choose what’s best for you. Of course, you allow yourself to do that.  

Regardless, my wish for you for 2015 is to tap into the energy of Ayah, Asher, Ayah. I wish you all the best in creating a life of your dreams. If you have a real desire to do that, start by asking yourself, ask your spirit, ask God, ask god, ask your high counsel, what’s it going to take to get me there? With gratitude, show me, guide me. Thank you. Thank you. All my selves (as in the multi-dimensional self) in the continuum thank you. 

For a second there I thought this might be a difficult post to find a song for, but I trusted, and turned on my trusted Pandora. Hehe…there it was, Sting – “Something a Boy Said,” followed by OAR – “Black Rock.” Oh, how I love it when that happens.

Something a Boy Said by Sting (This is one of those songs that you could misinterpret “something a boy said,” for “something a voice said.”

I’m going to include a link to lyrics for Black Rock because some of the sites aren’t complete. Lyrics for Black Rock – OAR I like the live versions better than studio. Black Rock by OAR

Happy 2015 Everybody! Stick with me in “The Heart Pillar” Workshop WILL BE launching soon. Much Love, Peace and Prosperity to ALL!