The Heart Pillar Workshop

The Heart Pillar Workshop – What is it?  And… How can you host one?



This workshop was created in conjunction with Chapter 15, of the book, Why Bother? Because Self-Help is Never Stupid by Martha Du’Sage.


This comprehensive and intensive workshop is a multi-sensory experience, intended to propel the healing process by creating new perceptions, a fortified and expanded energetic field, plus a stable grounded pillar of personal power for the individual who attends.

Flaming Heart OutlineThe workshop is highly beneficial to anyone in need of strength, courage, empowerment, and a rekindling of value and passion. It is commensurate to removing blockages to the things that we all desire: Peace, Love, Freedom, Fulfillment, and Joy. 

Particularly, it will help anyone who has been abused, including self-inflicted, which we don’t always recognize when we have been stuck in victimization and survival mode. The workshop exercises will help identify the self-created, self-imposed burdens, assisting us to get out of our own way, and stop creating self-sabotage. Getting out of our own way means – getting the ego to co-operate.

Breath-work, discussions to help identify feelings and root causes of challenges, getting quiet, and journal writing about our old and new perceptions are among the main components.  Incorporated with this will be visuals, color, sound, song, toning, embracing pain, developing discernment and intuition. Heaviness will be replaced with lightness, and laughter. There’s still more to the experience.

The Heart-Pillar uses eleven words. We will work on each word individually, and do a meditative process to anchor a live-giving imprint. The last phase is to put the Heart Pillar together in its entirety, through a meditation process for a sense of balance, stability, wholeness, wellness and completion.

As I was in the editing and revision process of the book, I had an extraordinary super-natural experience. Not everyone will understand this, but the more time I have spent in meditation, workshops, facilitated energy processing, intentionally connecting with higher realms and dimensions, the type of thing I am about to describe has become discernibly real.  As it can for you. Expanded consciousness allows us all to have these experiences.

Feeling resistance, about the chapter I was about to work on, suddenly I felt two distinct presences. They said, “Scrap the chapter. We have something else for you.” Of course, my discernment questioned, am I experiencing some self-doubt, self-sabotage? I heard, “NO, scrap the chapter. We have something better for you, get quiet and listen.” Then out of the corner of my right eye, I saw a magenta mist appearing. There is nothing that color in the room. I found myself looking around for a source, but there was none. Gabrielle and Raphael, the archangels, were giving me a very blessed message. I found myself laughing out loud with gratitude for their assistance, and honored by their presence, though I know they are around frequently. And so began the heart pillar.

The book only offers a brief introduction, but at the time of writing the book, they said, “enough for now.” Since then I have been given more guidance to create the workshop, and guided others individually. The result is a great sense of peacefulness. The full workshop will anchor that feeling deeper, and more profoundly.



Do you own a facility? Have access to one? Are you are Recovery Center? A Survivor Support Group? Spiritual Retreat Center? Congregation? The type of group, or denomination doesn’t matter. I bring the workshop to you. Pricing is determined by group size, and costs involved for travel. Call me today, and we can start to plan your event. Typical minimum number of participants is 20.

Call Martha Du’sage at 480-209-3304— or Click to Send email to Martha Du’Sage

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