Review by Keith Varnum,

“Why Bother? Because Self-help Is Never Stupid” can be a challenge to digest because it provides practical, meaningful direction about the process of, and challenges with, understanding and releasing aspects of the ego. But this book has changed the way I engage with the world and opened the door for me to embark down a path of more peace, joy and inner freedom. The book is about getting to the heart of each and every one of us—through the path of positive experiences that are intensely transformative.

The work is about exploring Truth in its many forms and contexts. You’ll discover a fun and very different treatise with a lot of heart and a wonderful exploration of the Real Deal. It’s about tackling difficult elements of our own spiritual development in potentially uncomfortable, revealing and rewarding ways. As long as you are open to even a few of the delightful life-enriching points of view, this book will absolutely help you transform your life for the better. And because of who you’ll become, you’ll also immediately transform other peoples’ lives and bring them more joy, peace, abundance and laughter.

The book has brilliant, fun, engaging suggestions and perspectives to help you transform your life in ways that make it easy to love your life more. The author Du’Sage didn’t always have it easy in her life, and in addition to sharing her profound wisdom, she shares about how she overcame a traumatic upbringing and challenging early environment.

I particularly enjoyed how Du’Sage explores our common life experiences such as judgment and compassion, our inner drives and how they sometimes lead us into situations that conflict with our values, and how our own sense of our self-worth can either set us free—or lock us into a prison of our own making. I also really appreciated the weaving in of synchronicity and interconnection, which gives the book both a sense of mystery and familiarity.

Du’Sage provides much needed insight into the phenomenon that we’ve all experienced in our life: self-sabotage and self-defeat. She offers keen illumination on the shadow or denial aspects of ourselves that we have cut off, hidden, repressed, or decided were not acceptable to show other people.

The shadow is the part of us that feels unsafe being authentic. Du’Sage provides wonderful insight into how each of us developed our shadow or denial, how we can learn to identify it in our lives, and what we can do to move through our shadow into the light of our true greatness.

At the core of this book are the themes of light and greatness. Because the shadow, fear and denial are the very things that stands in the way of us living the lives of our dreams. Du’Sage clearly communicates this core message that our “Dark Side” is not be feared, but rather, to be viewed as an essential aspect of ourselves that we must understand and transform into light if we are to move forward in the story of our lives.

I found the author’s references to specific rock music songs to be very enlightening and helpful in understanding her main themes.

The book gets my personal recommendation, and I feel that the world would be a more light-filled place if everybody read this book. Buy it, read it, live it, then share it with others you think may benefit from its message. This is a heartful work that can be read again and again over the years, and always get something new out of it.

This book has changed some of the ways in which I live my life, and it has given me support, encouragement, and insight, to pursue real transformation with courage. If everybody in the world could fully live what Du’Sage shares, our world would be a far more developed, compassionate, and transformed place.