It is about time someone took the time to discuss spirituality and sexual abuse. It is a topic that people shy away from or are afraid to talk about because of the deep fears and programs that are associated with it. Abuse is abuse and Martha gives you the opportunity to create a deep healing more so than others. She helps you to transform the deep emotional pain by giving you the tools to return to the person who you really are. If you have suffered abuse or know someone who has, this book is a must! Let Martha walk you through the forest of lyrical comparisons to help you regain strength, courage, and acceptance that was removed by pain and injustice. Not only will she bring you back to yourself, but she will give you the tools to regain the experience of your Soul’s True Essence. Why Bother? Because it is never too late to heal. Thank you Martha Du’Sage!

~ T. Booker (Amazon reviewer) August 13, 2014