“Regardless of your perception, all of us are connected to this planet and to the cosmos. If we allow it, consciousness shows us truth. Whether you believe the soul continues or not, there is much to be gained from seeking peace and living in integrity.”

“Why bother” is more than a concept as us as humans really do matter and this is not just another self-help book, but a belief that gets to the very heart of our psychic, and finds out why we struggle. Sadly abuse is the beginning cord. It’s amazing how just breathing words such as peace, freedom, acceptance and more can create such an inner change within us. I love the music connection that allows us a familiarity that we can all relate to as music does sooth the savage beast within us. Using the link to Martha’s website will not only lead the reader to her playlist but also to more information.

The writing style is deep but deep into the understanding not textbook psycho mumble-jumble that can’t be understood. Such as the lava that boils within us and how to use instead of boiling anger but to use creatively. So much clarity in simple thought that the “aha moments” actually start in the preface and introduction!

We can be healed of our past pains and hurts just as the title clearly states: “transform being pissed-off, numb, in denial or emotional into peace and passion”. Martha is our friend, confidant and guide on an exceptional journey that we must all take to achieve inner peace.

(Amazon Review) by Cheri Clay November 11, 2014