From a victim to healer Martha has covered a long journey and is now on the path to preach self heal to everyone. The initial part of the book looked a little disappointing and not up to the 5 star mark that was mostly allotted to it, but as I traveled through chapter after chapter the beauty of this awesome book came out and I was left feeling awed. I have learnt Reiki- life force energy where I was also introduced to higher cosmic powers and the chakras hidden in our bodies. Martha goes beyond that and uses the chakras to help you gain ultimate spirituality and introduces you to higher wisdom. She shares her own abusive childhood to show how someone emotionally scarred like her can experience ultimate peace and live on a higher plane and provides help to everyone to experience the same peace and love in their lives.

(Amazon Review)┬áby Sheryl “writersheryl”┬áNovember 10, 2014