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Martha Du’Sage, as the author of Why Bother? Because Self-Help is Never Stupid, offers her services as a public speaker on the topic of childhood sexual abuse.

The talk will revolve around, how those who have been victimized can step beyond survival and coping, begin to feel safe, develop an internal comfort, and experience moments of peace and happiness. Much of the focus is on how conscious awareness changes our perceptions, and allows us to thrive through the healing process. She will offers some easy to implement techniques for healing to expand.

She is a member of RAINN Speakers Bureau; Rainn noted as being, the nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization.  As such RAINN not only advocates for victim’s rights, but offers a tremendous amount of support resources to survivors. Worth magazine had this to say

One of “America’s 100 Best Charities.”


Martha Du’Sages Story

Du’Sage offers the story of her healing journey from a first-hand perspective, as not only a survivor, but as one who has grown through, and well beyond the tragedy of incestuous sexual abuse as an adolescent and teen. Like many survivors, growing up around dysfunction, denial, lack of support, invalidation, and all the other emotional challenges these things create, her most profound healing came from teachers of spirituality, conscious awareness, and various metaphysical energetic healing practices. She found these ways to be more natural, than the holographic world that has been projected upon us by unconscious believes, stigmas, and dogma.


Martha Du’Sages Healing

It is the healing process, where Du’Sage wishes to assist survivors. As a victim living in dysfunction, Du’Sage was not even able to identify what happened to her as abuse. Around the age of 32, someone finally walked into her life that she eventually felt safe enough to share her story with after they had attended a workshop together. This workshop, on heart-centered conscious awareness, caused memories to bubble to the surface which had been lying dormant like a volcano.


Her story of stepping beyond survival is unique in the respect that she does not share the horror story (unless you ask), rather she shares the magical adventure of how she was guided to heal through consciousness and wisdom.


Du’Sage will be the first to tell you that because of the complexity of emotions created by sexual abuse, a Band-Aid will never work unless you are using the aid of a band, as she advocates how music heals, connects, and frees us from our burdens.


Martha Du’Sage’s Contact Info

If you would like Martha Du’Sage to speak to your organization, and provide valuable healing tips, please contact her to arrange a mutually agreeable time.

Call 480-209-3304— inquiries Click to Send email to Martha Du’Sage


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