Scottsdale, Arizona – Sexual abuse survivor, Martha Du’Sage combines her fondness for rock music with conscious awakening to demonstrate profound healing IS possible. It was this formula that allowed her soul to break free from the crushing grips of emotional pain caused by sexual abuse. Weaving over 80 songs with the messages in her new book, Why Bother? Because Self-­‐Help is Never Stupid, she shows how connecting with music and lyrics gives voice to those who have not yet found theirs. The artistry of music adds an uplifting element to our tumultuous lives, inviting us to find the music, harmony and vibration of our soul.

As the author likes to say, “Sometimes you just don’t know, what you just don’t know, until you know it,” From time to time we all about ourselves the question, “why bother?”  Written to encourage a deeper knowing, and appreciation for why it is important to bother in this mad world, the author believes we all want to step beyond mere coping and into moments of peace, joy and fulfillment. Du’Sage muses, “Anger, frustration, and stress are triggered by the ego’s reaction to something that occurred in the past, and holds us hostage from living a more ideal future. Pain, abuse and suffering cannot be transformed by trivializing or denying its existence.”

Heart-­‐centered consciousness while becoming mainstream is often misunderstood, or perceived as weird, yet offers kindness, gentleness and compassion to everything. It is through integrating the heart with all aspects of self that brings truth, light and beauty to the darkness that resides within us all; thus, allowing all parts and all voices of self to harmonize. Hence, this is a big “why bother” of the book.

Living through heart-­‐centered consciousness, knowing and integrity provides a sense of strength, courage, support and comfort while facing the sometimes-­‐uncomfortable truth of reality. This book acknowledges that problem solving is not always as simple as “just sending love,” as many New-­‐Age philosophies teach. It runs a full gamut of topics, including creation, miscreation, co-­‐creation, ego, embracing and acceptance of all aspects of self and others, forgiveness, abuse, dysfunction, meditation, as well as exercises to process fear and anger, but with an element of lightness and humor that isn’t always common in self-­‐help. Why such a wide range? Because: our life experiences span a wide spectrum, which is broader and deeper than just accepting the good with the bad.

Interspersed throughout the book, the author offers ways you can begin to change your perception that will guide you towards, peace, renewed passion for life, and joy. Here are five things to focus on to assist you in remembering your mastery.

Primary things we must do or learn in order to master third dimension:

  1. Get to know the self, get to know the ego. Knowing yourself will guide you to what you came here to
  2. Let go of the right fears. Let go of the fears that hold you back from living a fulfilled life.
  3. Focus on breathing and awareness more often and more regularly while placing thoughts on peace. Breath and awareness leads to present moment.
  4. Try to stay in the present moment as much as possible. Recognize when you are and aren’t.
  5. When you get knocked off, get back on the horse named Present Moment as quickly as possible.
  6. Remain in integrity. This will break the karmic cycle that keeps us stuck in destructive patterns, and allow humanity to evol

A vast majority of us are in need of support, and emotional healing. If you need help overcoming abuse, trauma, or other emotional injury, owning your own copy of this book will help you heal. You’ll want to read it again, and again, as each time, you will find more value.


The book, Why Bother? Because Self-­‐Help is Never Stupid was officially released on October 23rd, 2014. Learn more at (Published by Know Time Communications, 2014, ISBN 978-­‐1-­‐62747-­‐053-­‐7 Paperback $14.95, 978-­‐1-­‐62747-­‐054-­‐4 E-­‐book $8.99


About the Author:

Martha Du’Sage is a best-­‐selling author who focuses on heart-­‐centered conscious knowing and is a devoted supporter of victims of abuse.  Currently, she is in the process of developing several workshops, including “The Heart Pillar” which was introduced in this book and is a powerful tool in creating a pillar of personal empowerment, and over-­‐riding past hurts. She offers a variety of private sessions to help you discover the “I AM” in you.  For more information, please contact Martha at and visit


About the Book:

The book, Why Bother? Because Self-­‐Help is Never Stupid was officially released on October 23rd, 2014. Learn more at Published by Know Time Communications,

2014, ISBN 978-­‐1-­‐62747-­‐053-­‐7 Paperback $14.95, 978-­‐1-­‐62747-­‐054-­‐4 E-­‐book

$8.99 Why Bother? Because Self-­‐Help is Never Stupid is available on  and Amazon  paperback and  Kindle versions.


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