Sure this post seems to be a few days late, but my thoughts lean towards the unconventional anyway. The intention of this little blip, blurb, bleep, is to elicit a spark of thought towards rekindling the flame of passion and activating the flame to grow.
It’s hard to dispute that we are very lucky to live in a land with independence, and many freedoms, but do we really have freedom? Or are we under a great deal of control?
Where are all the people who had passion like the founding fathers? Sure you could get pissed-off at that comment and say we still have many great leaders, but compare the perception of those leaders to our leaders of today. Compare how many leaders there were to the population as a whole back in 1776 and my comment makes sense.
Then there is always the other side when productivity is sabotaged because there are “too many chiefs and not enough Indians.” Chiefs? Founding Fathers? Hmm..that’s another topic. It also sounds a little prejudicial and judgmental. Isn’t that expression more about ego and control, then leadership?
I get it; the founding fathers did a great job over 200 years ago, hurray!! Who doesn’t love a celebration and no one ever tires of fireworks (well maybe some do)? Admittedly, I have an inner pyrotechnician which has never been fully set free; physically, and metaphorically speaking.
Thinking about fire and fireworks, led me to think about my mom. As usual, the way I connect the dots may be a bit unusual, but stick with me. Now that I have recognized and observed connectedness, showing we ALL are creators, and can translate metaphorically how what we create through every action, affects the mind, body, spirit, and persona, I had a little “ah-ha.”

We ALL have a desire for Independence and Freedom to some degree. Degree always seems like such a perfect word, particularly when talking about a flame of passion or a desire for this independence and freedom.
In acting upon a flame of passion, a key ingredient to the outcome has to do with how we fan the flames and whether or not we are fanning those flames with peace in our heart and the degree to which that peace lies in our hearts. That doesn’t mean you have to be stoic, that doesn’t mean you can’t express some form of emotion. It could be excitement or outrage, but to communicate clearly, consciously and concisely, communication begins with a level of peace.
So where is the “ah-ha” with my mom? This woman, loved to burn things. If there was anything that needed to be disposed of, she obsessed over trying to burn it, toxic or not. Many of us who observed this always wondered why her fires, seemed to, just smolder and could smolder for days. There never seemed to be a flame. If you knew the persona, it would be very clear that this is a metaphor for a flame of passion that was never allowed to burn, only to smolder. I’ll be nice and bite my tongue on the other metaphors because that would just be my ego getting involved. At least, I recognize and acknowledge my ego. How many do we know who can’t/won’t/don’t recognize ego? Hey, I never claimed to be Mother Theresa.
We ALL come here as bright lights. Our challenge in mastery of third dimension lies in whether or not we allow that flame to be extinguished through ego and all that goes with the ego; sadness, stress, worry, suppression, victimization, self-pity, arrogance, on and on. We all make a choice as to what side of the ego we play on. Some of us have been so suppressed we don’t even know that we have options to consider or give ourselves permission to consider options.
It seems to be a good idea to recognize that mastery does not mean there isn’t more to learn. When peace is predominant in our hearts, the element of being humble also resides in the heart. Along our journey towards mastery, with peace and humbleness, we can sense what Independence and Freedom truly mean and we will want that not just for ourselves and those close to us, but we will want it universally for everyone. We also may want to keep in mind, that if we don’t master 3rd dimension, karma may force us to keep coming back rather than making our return to 3rd dimension a choice.
Without peace fully integrated into our hearts, our fight towards independence isn’t over, nor should it be. Possibly, instead of perceiving everything as a fight or a struggle, we could perceive our challenges as passionate negotiation.
After more than 200 years, we still celebrate, but where is the true passion? As time has gone by, with so much complaining and blaming, it seems beneficial to have the same type of passion reignited. What is it that causes us to celebrate one day and be apathetic the next? The founding fathers of the U.S.A. obviously understood the importance of fanning the flames of passion when they banded together to create independence that allowed freedom to ring. What will it take to rekindle that in all of us? What role can you play to create and perpetuate the same type of change that the founding fathers of the United States of America did? How many of us are allowing our passion to smolder? Is that what you want? Is it really good enough? And..Why isn’t Richard Henry Lee more popularly known?

Independence, peace and freedom are themes I talk about in my book and there is so much more that could have and can be said about these three things that I’m sure to be talking about it for a long time.
How about, this week we feature Bruce Springsteen’s – “Streets of Philadelphia”