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My healing journey began long before I acknowledged, or spoke up about my direct experience with sexual abuse. Knowing, how deep down the rabbit hole the emotions go, I will proclaim that one method alone is not going to work.

My expertise comes from years of searching, comprehending, implementing, and incorporating different techniques for me to accept many of the harsh realities surrounding what we experience. Healing from sexual or any abuse, is a journey that is by no means easy, but one which I wish to make easier for you.

Once we learn to more clearly identify the aspects and emotional attachments that hold us back, that’s when we can learn to let go of the emotional toxins. Like any detox, it is best done gradually. Telling a survivor to “just let go,” or that they “need to learn to love themselves,” is the wrong place for us to start, and invalidates what we are emoting because of being in survival mode for so long. We need to identify our true feelings so the authentic self can start to break through, and sparkle.

Twitter Birds ChatWhat I offer to you is the combination of all the techniques I have learned, traditional, unconventional, metaphysical, and practical. Using my developed intuitive powers, I will guide you to strengthen your own innate knowing that will heal yourself. I recall being in counseling, and the counselor said, there are volumes of feelings inside you. Now that I have been able to embrace all those volumes, I can in turn offer you as much, or as little as you like when you are ready. Many times I will say, it’s not all about you, but in the case of your healing, it is all about you, are you ready to honor that?

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