Heart Pillar

The Heart Pillar process is available by individual sessions and comprehensive workshop. Since this process was divinely gifted to us by the Archangels Gabrielle and Raphael, both are magical. The process assists you to connect with pure source, and the divine within, allowing you to champion your own healing at a gentle pace. Because of the many layers that undoubtedly will be uncovered, and the depths you choose to take your healing, workshops and sessions can be repeated. No two will ever be the same. Remember life is a journey. Practice makes anything practical, and maniacal can become magical. Life has offered a wide spectrum to play in, and experience.

Healing words are anchored into energetic area of the body that have a direct resonant correlation to each other. You will be guided and supported to move the energy, assisting you to release blocks, or resistance. The energetic heart field you create around your body offers loving protection, a safety-zone per se. The pillar offers not only a new foundation of stability, as the pillar grows and is strengthened you will develop a sense of presence and grounding.

Flaming Heart OutlineThe Heart Pillar helps survivors to step beyond victimization, survivor, even warrior, and into complete personal empowerment as an Enchanted Champion. This process helps to keep triggers at bay where you can fore give yourself peace in advance of any stressful situation. Remember awakening doesn’t mean there won’t be more lessons; it makes the lesson easier to bear. The more we learn to cope, command, and direct our own lives, we must realize some triggers are divinely sent to create a new awareness that you are now ready for, and to show you how far you’ve come. So don’t let triggers set you back, embrace and allow them to help you through the awakening process. Shine and be proud of becoming who you were always intended to be.

While the workshop takes you deeper into self-exploration by breaking down the components, an individual session offers reconnection with the empowered-self, leaving you with a deep sense of peace, revitalized courage, strength, and will. The order you choose doesn’t matter. There are times we want to go deep, shedding lots of layers at once, other times we have something specific that we want to allow time to settle in. It is important to do what we feel intuitively guided to do. Can you feel the heart-pillar’s power just by being introduced to it?

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