Exploratory Meditation and General Energy Clearing

Does this sort of sound like surgery? Well maybe, it is kind of an emotional surgery that can influence your physical well-being, as you discover much about yourself, and the connections between emotions and physical ailments.

This process is the most intuitively led, as we will start with breath-work, grounding, and call in your guides to see what they want to share with you.

When we live in survival mode, things are hidden even from ourselves, which we are not consciously aware of, until the time is ripe for them to come forth, ready to be released and healed. Hence my expression:

“Sometimes you just don’t know, what you just don’t know, until you know it.”


The word ripe eliminates the need for right and wrong, allowing what is, to be what it is. I love it when clients have a moment of self-discovery, and feel relief though discovering that which was hidden within their own knowing.

Do Something today that your future self will thank you forThere are times, there is a disturbance within us. We know we need something, but not what. If you are feeling rumbling at the core, guided Exploritory Meditation, with energy clearing may be exactly what you need.

Allow this process to assist you along the path of recognition, awareness, and present moment, reminding you of your worth, no matter how far you into the forgetting you went, when you chose to manifest on this 3rd dimensional planet, we call Earth.

“Ayah, Asher, Ayah” — Translation, “I will be, what I will to be.” Are you ready to empower your will, and be propelled toward healing, wholeness, and oneness? If you are, try this technique.

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