Aspect Integration, a form of soul retrieval

Often, when we have suffered, we feel somewhat disconnected. This is particularly common for those who have lived in survival mode.

There are times when feel numb, or are aloof. We may feel scattered, and have a hard time focusing. Possibly we find ourselves obsessing, or we experience heightened sensitivity. This is the time when those parts that we have denied are more receptive to coming home to self.

AND…This is precisely what this process is designed to do, call those missing or detached parts of self, home. You have suffered long enough! The past trauma may have you stuck in the unconscious world where by staying out of body you felt safe, no matter what you were physically experiencing. It’s where you unconsciously kept yourself just to survive.

Embracing the bearNow it’s time, you can and will, Go Beyond Survival, and Reclaim Your True Power!

We all have momentary lapses, and need support during the healing journey. It is not a steady uphill climb. We retreat to what we know, not because it was safe, but because what we know feels more comfortable than what we don’t. As we grow through our healing, those places become less comfortable because we begin to know what being comfortable in our own skin, being comfortable in your own home vessel feels like, no matter where we are or what is going on around us.

~Peace is Attainable ~

Have you said, enough is enough? Then let’s do this for your own health, safety, and comfort!

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