Martha Du’Sage assists survivors transform abuse and trauma into conscious self-empowerment.

She shares her compassionate wisdom, and inspires fellow survivors to over-come limiting beliefs and pursue their dreams.

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Sexual Abuse

More people than you know have experienced their own dysfunction due to

Dysfunctional Family Up-Bringing

Over 24% of the population claims to have been sexually abused before the age of 18.

That Statistic is just what has been reported. Many have never reported their abuse.

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Finding Peace

Has abuse caused you to feel unlovable? How do we find self-love? Seek peace. We can love without being at peace, but when we make peace a priority, love appears in magical ways that lie beyond our imagination.

Finding Joy

We ALL are worthy, and deserve joy in our lives. If you don’t know how to feel it, then start with imagination.

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 Finding Fulfillment

Abuse and Trauma cause a host of problems including depression, and suicidal thoughts. Clearing this energy from our being provides opportunities for growth which leads to freedom and fulfillment.

Finding Freedom

Discovering our authentic-self offers a clean slate to feeling freedom. Knowing that we are NOT a slave to our past, or to the people, or circumstances, in our lives where we have allowed our emotions to be held hostage is not enough. We have to learn how to release the ties that bind.

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Finding Love

This is the most difficult for piece of the puzzle for all victims and survivors. Our view of love was distorted by our experiences. It does not need to remain this way. It is not a simple as “look in a mirror and say I love you.” This is something that Martha has clearly learned for herself, and can teach other how to allow love to show up in their lives. What we really want is true unconditional love. Would you like to experience this for yourself?