In my book, “Why Bother? Because Self-help is Never Stupid,” I address ego in Chapter 10, titled “Know Thyself.” This chapter expresses my belief that if we wrong our ego, we are invalidating a part of who we are. As we awaken, we learn to know ourselves better, and when we feel our ego rise up, sometimes shouting, we can learn to listen it and understand what is going on inside of us.

The ego does not subside by dismissing it. We must learn to embrace it like any other relationship so that we get to know it, and get it to cooperate where eventually it integrates, and we become whole again. Understanding our ego and all the facets of our ego will help us know ourselves. The ego resides in the full spectrum of who we are, and is essential to understanding what we came here to do, a big part of which is the experience of being human.

Pissed-off, numb, in denial, or heightened emotions are functions of the ego. When we find ourselves, asking the question, “what the hell is happening,” and stating, “but I’m a good person, this shouldn’t be happening to me,” who better to help you understand what is going on than the ego?

In comprehending the difference between when circumstances are outside self, and when they are inside of self, the ego can be our ally. When we start to understand our own ego, we can look at the reactions of other’s differently. We can begin to respond to some else’s ego from a place of merciful sorrow and joy.

If you maintain a regular practice of meditation utilizing the chakras, the high-heart which is an additional chakra, and extension of the standard seven, is a very good place to focus because it reveals discernment, mercy and co-operation. Remember co-operation does not mean conform.

41.high heart

As part of the evolutionary process of who we are, we must learn to stop wronging the ego. It is important for the ego to mature as much as our intellect. In how many partnerships have you heard someone say that the other one never grew-up? It’s not about growing old. It’s about maintaining a youthfulness into maturity. Utilizing the high-heart chakra will assist.

This does not mean play into the immature part of the ego. It means, get to know all aspects ego. It shows you how you respond, and if you choice it allows you to respond better, more effectively, more graciously, and more merciful. The ego is not your enemy as we have been taught in the past.

enemies - peace with the ego2 -

When we talk to the ego and teach it that it is safe, it settles down. It wants to be told, everything is going to be okay. It can serve to help us recognize exactly that, everything is divine and perfect when we operate from an integrated soul level of awareness. HOWEVER, it takes some practice before we recognize that this is a very practical way to heal.

56.listen to authentic voice - ego2

Fear is a product of feeling fragmented. We come in to the world whole. Then life happens. We feel separated from God when that is merely an illusion of being separate from god (the god within all of us). The fragment parts of self are crying out to be reconnected; united in harmonic oneness. There you will be together again, which leads to two songs for today’s post. “Together Again,” by Evanescence. Evanescence – Together Again and Sting – The Book of My Life Sting – The Book of my Life.

See if you agree how fitting they are when it comes to talking about fragmented parts of self, and the desire to be whole again.


fragmented to whole

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