Often in the metaphysical or spiritual world, we hear, “get out of your head and into your heart,” but what does that mean?

Sometimes we hear someone say, “I know in my heart.” Without having practice speaking from the heart to reach knowing the feeling of being in your heart, how do we know if truth is coming from the heart, or is actually the ego speaking to what it wants the truth to be?

If we all come into this world to understand what it is like to be human, doesn’t that mean we originate from a higher dimension of divinity? If we were created by the divine, but living in 3rd dimension, how do we know what it feels like to experience being divine without the opposite feeling of less than divine? How do we discover and of it without observation and pondering? Will it always have to be this way?

It is said, there is a forgetting that occurs when we manifest as human. So to experience being human, does that mean we can get knocked for a loop each time we manifest? Is that when the forgetting occurs? Most, I know would say, “Yes. This life has knocked me for a loop?” Would that be a karmic loop? Do we want to stay stuck in that karmic loop, or do we want off the rat-wheel? Let’s not forget to add free-will to the soup. You can ponder how that fits in.

If we originate from a higher dimension, and until everyone on the planet remembers their divinity, rather than turn a blind eye to the ugliness, why wouldn’t we strive to bring light to this messed-up world? It’s not so scary or ugly once you embrace it. Could we change things for the better, for everyone, if we could learn to stop playing in karma? When we try and others around us still live from fear and ego, can we accept that type of pain that may cause? Is a little rejection and ridicule worth the effort? I’m saying, YES! Then again, we all choose how we want to play.

In a past blog I talked about the Kobayashi Maru, the no-win scenario from Star Trek. This post is reminding me that I have faced a few of those. In diving really deep into my healing, I have been accused of being focused on negativity, or negative aspects in my life, when in reality, I didn’t want to settle for being just okay, or just able to cope. I desire a complete level of healing, and I want to show others they can have that too.

Even if everyone shows up wanting deep healing, their ego may not be ready to accept it. This has put me in a position of being accused of always wanting to be right. Has this happened to you? Have you allowed the things other people say to make you feel bad, and want to go back to sleep? Instead, observe the situation. Can you see that it isn’t all about you? Use the experience for your own growth.

In turn, in having a desire to help others experience a more positive life, have you been accused of having unrealistic expectations, being a dreamer or overly optimist? Do you sometimes feel like you just can’t win? Regardless of what anyone else thinks, we can choose to stop playing in the karmic loop regardless of how large or small the impact.

Does that sound a little like there is ego attachment? I am experiencing what it is like to be human, so there most likely is something yet to be uncovered. That doesn’t mean I don’t think about, imagine, and attempt to feel what it would be like to have my humanity and spirituality in complete alignment and integrated.

mastery doesn't mean

“Mastery doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn. It means the ego no longer fears knowing more.”

Where does the fear of knowing more begin for you? When we are empathic, which all of us can be, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a little pain associated with what someone else thinks. A little pain doesn’t mean you are or you aren’t living in your heart. It is a guide to identifying truth. Being an observer let’s you identify what you are feeling, and from there you can make a choice from the heart as to how you participate in life. If you feel nothing, this is numbness, and being aloof. Being numb, or in denial is not living from the heart.

Nothing Man by Pearl Jam Connecting yet? Click the link and try this song to go with our topic.

If we are honest in observing ourselves, as we learn and grow in heart-centered consciousness, we can feel an underlying disturbance when we try to convince ourselves we are speaking from the heart, but aren’t. Are you willing to observe, and embrace a disturbance to get to the bottom line of truth? When we do this, there will be less self-sabotage in our lives. Do you prefer to stay in the denial of what you want to be the truth? It’s a choice, right?

Pat Benatar is asking to be heard hereYou Better Run by Pat Benatar, click the link to listen.

How to know the difference between what you think and what you know.

How to know the difference between what you think and what you know.

Living from the heart-center, means refusing to accept anything less than your own divinity where choice is more clear. That doesn’t mean you leave your head behind. The power of observation requires you to take your head with you. Dare I suggest you don’t right or wrong either the head or the heart? Yes. I dare, and I dare you to stay out of right and wrong.  

Do you fear observing? Do you fear what you might find out? What behaviors do you use to avoid knowing the truth? Are you willing to change that? Can you see pain and confusion as a tool to help us observe, and discern the truth? Are you willing to accept that being in a 3rd dimensional sleep is what has kept us stuck in negative karmic cycles? Are you willing to let go of fear and know truth, even if that causes you some discomfort? Are you willing to ask yourself, is this the absolute truth, or just what I want the truth to be? If I ask my ego to be honest, can I let it be honest? Are you willing to put your ego in a time out and accept the answer? If you do, you just might learn what it feels like to be in your heart.

Two More Songs asking to be part of this post, click the link and listen. After All – Al Jarreau & The Last Place that Love Lives by The Black Crowes

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