Workbook for Why Bother?

Workbook cover for Why Bother?This spiral-bound, workbook was created as a practical tool to be used in conjunction with the book: Why Bother? Because Self-Help is Never Stupid. Doing these exercises will offer simplistic, practical steps for you to begin operating as a whole being instead of feeling disconnected, stuck, numb, pissed-off, and in denial where you left wondering why things aren’t going your way.

Before we can begin to heal deep emotional wounds and scars, we need to be present, grounded, and reconnected with self. These elements return us to a more natural state, which is of great benefit to healing. Unless, we do this, many of our efforts will fail. Our current society doesn’t encourage what is more natural, which tends to keep us in a pathetic state of weakness.

These simple, yet practical exercises offer a comfortable, safe haven with ourselves. The safe haven, then guides us towards a state of empowerment, and fortitude, allowing us to move onto the next step of resolving more complex, compounded emotional issues. Strengthened intuition helps make better choices. Ultimately, the exercises are the first stepping stone to assist you to get out of survival mode and into courageously thriving.

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