Table of Contents for “Why Bother?”

This is the Table of Contents for Martha Du’Sage’s book titled, “Why Bother? Because Self-Help Is Never Stupid”


Table Of Contents



Preface:  Why Bother to Write this Book?

Introduction: The Twenty Questions of “Why Bother”    

Chapter 1: Taking The Journey

Chapter 2: Contradiction, Perception, Interpretation, Misinterpretation

Chapter 3:  Things That Pissed Me Off When I Misinterpreted Them

Chapter 4: More Misinterpretations; Confusing Letting Go with Denial

               Part A. Confusing Letting Go with Denial

               Part B. Denial of a Different Form            

Chapter 5:  To Tell The Stories Or Not To Tell The Stories?

Chapter 6: Three Silly Questions

Chapter 7: Intention Creates Intervention, but Intention Alone Is Not Enough

Chapter 8: My Mission Statement and Personal Prime Directive

Chapter 9: Mastering Third Dimension, Fear and Faith, Integrity

               Part A. Mastery; Integrity and Changing Evil to Live

               Part B. Fear and Faith

               Part C. Fear, Addiction, Abuse

Chapter 10: Know Thyself

               Part A. Getting to Know You

               Part B. Big Egos

               Part C. Wounded Egos

Chapter 11: Personal Responsibility

Chapter 12: It’s Not All about You—Two Sides to Every Story

Chapter 13: Acceptance

Chapter 14: Dysfunction

Chapter 15: Unconditional Love and the Heart Pillar Exercise

Chapter 16: Forgiveness and Freedom

Chapter 17: Letting Go

Chapter 18: A Few Notes on Meditation and Manifestation


Appendix: Martha’s Playlist

About the Author

About the Cover


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