Enjoy this Playlist that has been assembled for you to help with your journey of self awareness.



Song: “All Around Me” – Flyleaf



Song: “True Colors” – Cyndi Lauper

Song: “Mornin’” – Al Jarreau




Song: “You Decide” – Fireflight

Song: “Magical Mystery Tour” – Beatles

Song: “Us and Them” – Pink Floyd

Song” “We Are Broken” – Paramore

Chapter 1: Taking The Journey


Song: “Break the Cycle” – Staind

Song: “Man In The Mirror” – Michael Jackson

Chapter 2: Contradiction, Perception, Interpretation, Misinterpretation


Song: “Desperate” – Fireflight

Song: “If You Love Somebody” – Sting

Song: “Wrapped Around Your Finger” – Police

Song: “Ring My Bell” – Anita Ward

Song: “War” – performed by Edwin Starr and Bruce Springsteen – written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong

Song: “Bomb the World” – Michael Franti

Song: “What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love and Understanding” – Elvis Costello

Song: “Imagine” – John Lennon

Song: “Fortress” – Sting

Song: “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” –The Animals

Chapter 3: Things That Pissed Me Off When I Misinterpreted Them


Song: “Give Up the Ghost” – Radiohead

Song: “Shine” – Collective Soul

Song: “Dumb” – Nirvana

Song: “You Know You’re Right” – Nirvana

Song: “No Expectations” – Rolling Stones

Song: “Move Along” – All American Rejects

Chapter 4: More Misinterpretations; Confusing Letting Go with Denial


Part A:

Song: “You Give Love a Bad Name” – Bon Jovi

Song: “Livin On A Prayer” – Bon Jovi

Song: “Heard It Should Be” – Carly Simon

Song: “Down In A Hole” – Alice In Chains

Part B.

Song: “Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot” – Sting

Song: “Let It Be” –Beatles

Chapter 5: To Tell The Stories Or Not To Tell The Stories?


Song: “She Loves You” – Beatles

Song: “You May Be Right” – Billy Joel

Song: “Can’t Always Get What You Want” – Rolling Stones

Song: “Shape Of My Heart” – Sting

Song: “Human” – Killers

Chapter 6: Three Silly Questions


Song: “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” – Crash Test Dummies

Chapter 7: Intention Creates Intervention, but Intention Alone Is Not Enough


Song: “Awake and Alive” – Skillet

Chapter 8: My Mission Statement and Personal Prime Directive


Sorry, no song. You are free to explore what’s in your heart.

Chapter 9: Mastering Third Dimension, Fear and Faith, Integrity


Part A:

Song: “Changes” – Bowie

Song: “What I’ve Done” – Linkin Park

Song: “Sympathy for the Devil” – Rolling Stones

Part B:

Song: “Personal Jesus” – Depeche Mode or Marilyn Manson

Part C:

Song: “See Me” – The Who

Song: “All These Things” – The Killers

Song: “Man In The Box” – Alice In Chains

Song: “Down With The Sickness” – Disturbed

Song: “She Talks To Angels” – Black Crowes

Chapter 10: Know Thyself


Part A:

Song: “Getting To Know You” – Rogers and Hammerstein

Song: “One Way” – Blonde

Part B:

Song: “Big Shot” –Billy Joel

Song: “Fashion” – David Bowie

Song: “Teach Your Children” – Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young

Part C:

Song: “Creep” – Stone Temple Pilots

Chapter 11: Personal Responsibility


Song: “Change The World’ – Eric Clapton

Chapter 12: It’s Not All about You—Two Sides to Every Story


Song: “Right In Two” – Tool

Song: “I Will Follow” – U2

Chapter 13: Acceptance


Song: “Crawling” – Linkin Park

Song: “Communication Breakdown” –Led Zepplin

Song: “Daughter” – Pearl Jam

Song: “Stand Up” – Fireflight

Chapter 14: Dysfunction


Song: “Conjunction Junction”– School House Rock

Song: “Save Yourself” – Stabbing Westward

Song: “Resistance” – Muse

Song: “Uprising” – Muse

Song: “I’m Free” – The Who

Song: “Kashmir” – Led Zepplin

Song: “Abracadabra” – Steve Miller Band

Song: “No Boundaries” – Adam Lambert

Song: “Unbreakable” – Fireflight

Song: “Behind Blue Eyes” – The Who

Song: “Broken Girl” – Matthew West

Song: “Hell is for Children” –Pat Benatar

Song: “Voices” Alice in Chains

Song: “Sisters of Avalon” – Cyndi Lauper

Song: “Synchronicity I and II” – Police

Song: “Respect” – Aretha Franklin

Song: “All Right Now” – Free

Chapter 15: Unconditional Love and the Heart Pillar Exercise


Sorry, no song. Perfect opportunity to come up with your own.


Chapter 16: Forgiveness and Freedom


Song: “Brass In Pocket” – Pretenders

Song: “Creep” – Radiohead

Song: “Amazing Grace” – John Newton

Chapter 17: Letting Go


Song: “Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen

Song: “Jealous” – Black Crowes

Song: “No One Knows” – Queens of the Stone Age”

Song: “Schism” – Tool

Chapter 18: A Few Notes on Meditation and Manifestation


Song: “Pure Imagination” Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley



Song: “Eruption” – Van Halen

Song: “Devil Inside” – Inxs

Song: “Mad World” – Tears For Fears – Adam Lambert cover


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