Martha’s Podcast Interview – Life on Purpose with Gregory Berg

Martha’s Podcast Interview – Life on Purpose with Gregory Berg

I feel especially privileged to have been interviewed by Gregory Berg on his show, Life on Purpose. Why? Because he has interviewed well-known people in the field of consciousness like Dr. Bernie Siegel, who has worked hand and hand with one of my favorite writer, teachers, Caroline Myss. I credit Caroline numerous times in my book (yes, it’s pronounced Mace).  About the Book – link Greg has also interviewed Brene Brown, a well-known scholar, author and speaker who is making great progress assisting others in breaking out of shame. Yeah, I’m shamelessly name dropping. Link to Episode 10 – Life on Purpose with ME!

In all honest integrity, I have not studied all the work by Caroline, Bernie or Brene. My life has been more like Siddhartha, the character and title from the book by Hermann Hesse written back in 1922.  What I mean by that is that I’ve not followed any one teacher for an extended or intensive period of time.  I also know that my teacher and mentor Keith Varnum would agree with the analogy, and laugh playfully at my saying this. He is the one who taught me to follow my heart, which has led me to teach heart-centered integrated consciousness. In true Sagittarian form, I glean information from many sources and by channeling divine wisdom.

I get really excited when I have a thought or write about something, and then I hear someone popular in the field of mind, body, spirit integration saying something similar. For example, in Bernie Siegel’s Life on Purpose interview, he stated something to the effect that on the other side of love was not hate, but indifference and abuse. Whoa! That one really hit home, but rather than feeling the old pain from my own experience with abuse and subsequent indifference, I was excited to know that someone agreed with me.  Or was it I agreed with him? Whatever!

It shows that all of us can over-come our painful personal experiences through consciousness.

Though I have made great progress, in over-coming abuse, my readers know I will always admit to my vulnerable, human side. If I heard some of their messages before I could put my own ponderance and spin on them, I might dismiss my own feelings. Though, somehow, I realize in hearing Bernie Siegel’s words, I now know indifference is what has caused me to dismiss myself. Maybe that’s why the universe is presenting things to me in the order it is, so that I can overcome the remaining fragmented blocks which I have from being dismissed. In turn I can encourage others on a deeper level, not to dismiss themselves. I can support others, because I’ve been through it.

There is a perspective change. Now, dismissed comes more a happy form, wanting to exclaim, YES! We are ALL part of the progress in over-coming abuse! No longer will we allow ourselves to be dismissed by those who are indifferent to abuse. 

I hope you will all stick around for the ride, as we evolve more and more out of the darkness of shame, blame, guilt, denial, anger, sadness, and judgment, and into the light of peace, fulfillment, freedom, joy and love. We can all be Enchanted Champions. 

It truly is an honor to feel like I am finally making headway towards what I know to be my true purpose; helping victims, survivors and even warriors who are wanting to find a new “Heart’s Horizon.” Which leads me to the song for this post –Heart’s Horizon by Al Jarreau.  Heart’s Horizon – Al Jarreau A great song to remind us that each day is a new day when you live, LIFE ON PURPOSE. Life On Purpose – Home

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Law and Order – NO MORE is Creating More Awareness About Abuse

Law and Order – NO MORE is Creating More Awareness About Abuse

How else are we going to bring an end to abuse, then to create more awareness around it? No wonder, Guru Pikta, the Mike Meyers character in the movie The Love Guru, used Mariska Hargitay as a divine greeting! With all she has done to create awareness, her name should be synonymous with divinity.

Here’s a story run on multiple ABC Eyewitness News channels, and the article about how the show “Law and Order” led to an arrest. “Law and Order” episode leads to child sexual abuse arrest 

I know we shouldn’t prejudge, right? Sorry, but my own personal experience causes my ears to perk up when I hear these kinds of stories. Admittedly, I still get a little nauseous, and it makes me more vigilant in doing my part to help end the suffering, that is seemingly endless when you are going through recovery. Finding peace is attainable, that I can promise. You may want to read more about my Heart Pillar Workshop. Heart Pillar Description

In all honesty, I never really watched Law and Order SVU. Okay, I’ll try to do a little catching up, but in teaching consciousness, I’m not going to buy into any guilt around that either. Maybe it’s that in the past, it would have triggered too much? Who knows? That doesn’t mean I can’t have a great deal of respect and admiration for all that Mariska Hargitay has done to create awareness surrounding abuse between the show, Joyful Heart Foundation, and now the NO MORE PSA campaigns. NO MORE PSA CAMPAIGN 

I remember the expression “enough is enough,” but NO MORE definitely has a much stronger feel to it.  These messages help break down many of the old stigmas that caused victims to be silent. Hearing some of the expressions that many victims have had to endure in the PSAs caused me to shutter, knowing I heard similar words. It’s always amazed me how others can be so judgmental towards the victims, especially other women, but I’ll save that topic for another post. I’ve got my voice now, and you can find yours too.

This is a little soft for me, no grunge at all, but okay it fits – Sarah McLachlan – Find Your Voice