Is it true or what you want the truth to be? How do I get into my heart?

Is it true or what you want the truth to be? How do I get into my heart?

Often in the metaphysical or spiritual world, we hear, “get out of your head and into your heart,” but what does that mean?

Sometimes we hear someone say, “I know in my heart.” Without having practice speaking from the heart to reach knowing the feeling of being in your heart, how do we know if truth is coming from the heart, or is actually the ego speaking to what it wants the truth to be?

If we all come into this world to understand what it is like to be human, doesn’t that mean we originate from a higher dimension of divinity? If we were created by the divine, but living in 3rd dimension, how do we know what it feels like to experience being divine without the opposite feeling of less than divine? How do we discover and of it without observation and pondering? Will it always have to be this way?

It is said, there is a forgetting that occurs when we manifest as human. So to experience being human, does that mean we can get knocked for a loop each time we manifest? Is that when the forgetting occurs? Most, I know would say, “Yes. This life has knocked me for a loop?” Would that be a karmic loop? Do we want to stay stuck in that karmic loop, or do we want off the rat-wheel? Let’s not forget to add free-will to the soup. You can ponder how that fits in.

If we originate from a higher dimension, and until everyone on the planet remembers their divinity, rather than turn a blind eye to the ugliness, why wouldn’t we strive to bring light to this messed-up world? It’s not so scary or ugly once you embrace it. Could we change things for the better, for everyone, if we could learn to stop playing in karma? When we try and others around us still live from fear and ego, can we accept that type of pain that may cause? Is a little rejection and ridicule worth the effort? I’m saying, YES! Then again, we all choose how we want to play.

In a past blog I talked about the Kobayashi Maru, the no-win scenario from Star Trek. This post is reminding me that I have faced a few of those. In diving really deep into my healing, I have been accused of being focused on negativity, or negative aspects in my life, when in reality, I didn’t want to settle for being just okay, or just able to cope. I desire a complete level of healing, and I want to show others they can have that too.

Even if everyone shows up wanting deep healing, their ego may not be ready to accept it. This has put me in a position of being accused of always wanting to be right. Has this happened to you? Have you allowed the things other people say to make you feel bad, and want to go back to sleep? Instead, observe the situation. Can you see that it isn’t all about you? Use the experience for your own growth.

In turn, in having a desire to help others experience a more positive life, have you been accused of having unrealistic expectations, being a dreamer or overly optimist? Do you sometimes feel like you just can’t win? Regardless of what anyone else thinks, we can choose to stop playing in the karmic loop regardless of how large or small the impact.

Does that sound a little like there is ego attachment? I am experiencing what it is like to be human, so there most likely is something yet to be uncovered. That doesn’t mean I don’t think about, imagine, and attempt to feel what it would be like to have my humanity and spirituality in complete alignment and integrated.

mastery doesn't mean

“Mastery doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn. It means the ego no longer fears knowing more.”

Where does the fear of knowing more begin for you? When we are empathic, which all of us can be, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a little pain associated with what someone else thinks. A little pain doesn’t mean you are or you aren’t living in your heart. It is a guide to identifying truth. Being an observer let’s you identify what you are feeling, and from there you can make a choice from the heart as to how you participate in life. If you feel nothing, this is numbness, and being aloof. Being numb, or in denial is not living from the heart.

Nothing Man by Pearl Jam Connecting yet? Click the link and try this song to go with our topic.

If we are honest in observing ourselves, as we learn and grow in heart-centered consciousness, we can feel an underlying disturbance when we try to convince ourselves we are speaking from the heart, but aren’t. Are you willing to observe, and embrace a disturbance to get to the bottom line of truth? When we do this, there will be less self-sabotage in our lives. Do you prefer to stay in the denial of what you want to be the truth? It’s a choice, right?

Pat Benatar is asking to be heard hereYou Better Run by Pat Benatar, click the link to listen.

How to know the difference between what you think and what you know.

How to know the difference between what you think and what you know.

Living from the heart-center, means refusing to accept anything less than your own divinity where choice is more clear. That doesn’t mean you leave your head behind. The power of observation requires you to take your head with you. Dare I suggest you don’t right or wrong either the head or the heart? Yes. I dare, and I dare you to stay out of right and wrong.  

Do you fear observing? Do you fear what you might find out? What behaviors do you use to avoid knowing the truth? Are you willing to change that? Can you see pain and confusion as a tool to help us observe, and discern the truth? Are you willing to accept that being in a 3rd dimensional sleep is what has kept us stuck in negative karmic cycles? Are you willing to let go of fear and know truth, even if that causes you some discomfort? Are you willing to ask yourself, is this the absolute truth, or just what I want the truth to be? If I ask my ego to be honest, can I let it be honest? Are you willing to put your ego in a time out and accept the answer? If you do, you just might learn what it feels like to be in your heart.

Two More Songs asking to be part of this post, click the link and listen. After All – Al Jarreau & The Last Place that Love Lives by The Black Crowes

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Du’Sage bridges the gap between self-help and clinical; A professional’s review of Why Bother?

Du’Sage bridges the gap between self-help and clinical; A professional’s review of Why Bother?

Cheryl Wheeler MA, NCC, LAC My Counseling Solutions: Holistic Perspectives

My Counseling Solutions

Mentors and guides abide!  Follow along, as Du’Sage shares her personal journey toward and arriving at destination peace. Du’Sage speaks to the particular revelation that, “the unconventional expands what is possible”.  “Moment(s) of recognition” and acceptance of her own growth, address the “contradictions, perceptions, interpretations, and misinterpretations” that trip us up along our own journey. Du’Sage bridges the gap between self-help and clinical, with inspirationally gained insight and application. Find your own truth, and begin to experience fully the totality of who you are!

Keith Varnum, Transformational Coach – Reviews Why Bother?

Keith Varnum, Transformational Coach – Reviews Why Bother?

Review by Keith Varnum,

“Why Bother? Because Self-help Is Never Stupid” can be a challenge to digest because it provides practical, meaningful direction about the process of, and challenges with, understanding and releasing aspects of the ego. But this book has changed the way I engage with the world and opened the door for me to embark down a path of more peace, joy and inner freedom. The book is about getting to the heart of each and every one of us—through the path of positive experiences that are intensely transformative.

The work is about exploring Truth in its many forms and contexts. You’ll discover a fun and very different treatise with a lot of heart and a wonderful exploration of the Real Deal. It’s about tackling difficult elements of our own spiritual development in potentially uncomfortable, revealing and rewarding ways. As long as you are open to even a few of the delightful life-enriching points of view, this book will absolutely help you transform your life for the better. And because of who you’ll become, you’ll also immediately transform other peoples’ lives and bring them more joy, peace, abundance and laughter.

The book has brilliant, fun, engaging suggestions and perspectives to help you transform your life in ways that make it easy to love your life more. The author Du’Sage didn’t always have it easy in her life, and in addition to sharing her profound wisdom, she shares about how she overcame a traumatic upbringing and challenging early environment.

I particularly enjoyed how Du’Sage explores our common life experiences such as judgment and compassion, our inner drives and how they sometimes lead us into situations that conflict with our values, and how our own sense of our self-worth can either set us free—or lock us into a prison of our own making. I also really appreciated the weaving in of synchronicity and interconnection, which gives the book both a sense of mystery and familiarity.

Du’Sage provides much needed insight into the phenomenon that we’ve all experienced in our life: self-sabotage and self-defeat. She offers keen illumination on the shadow or denial aspects of ourselves that we have cut off, hidden, repressed, or decided were not acceptable to show other people.

The shadow is the part of us that feels unsafe being authentic. Du’Sage provides wonderful insight into how each of us developed our shadow or denial, how we can learn to identify it in our lives, and what we can do to move through our shadow into the light of our true greatness.

At the core of this book are the themes of light and greatness. Because the shadow, fear and denial are the very things that stands in the way of us living the lives of our dreams. Du’Sage clearly communicates this core message that our “Dark Side” is not be feared, but rather, to be viewed as an essential aspect of ourselves that we must understand and transform into light if we are to move forward in the story of our lives.

I found the author’s references to specific rock music songs to be very enlightening and helpful in understanding her main themes.

The book gets my personal recommendation, and I feel that the world would be a more light-filled place if everybody read this book. Buy it, read it, live it, then share it with others you think may benefit from its message. This is a heartful work that can be read again and again over the years, and always get something new out of it.

This book has changed some of the ways in which I live my life, and it has given me support, encouragement, and insight, to pursue real transformation with courage. If everybody in the world could fully live what Du’Sage shares, our world would be a far more developed, compassionate, and transformed place.

An Exceptional Journey To Achieve Inner Peace!! – Book review of “Why Bother?”

“Regardless of your perception, all of us are connected to this planet and to the cosmos. If we allow it, consciousness shows us truth. Whether you believe the soul continues or not, there is much to be gained from seeking peace and living in integrity.”

“Why bother” is more than a concept as us as humans really do matter and this is not just another self-help book, but a belief that gets to the very heart of our psychic, and finds out why we struggle. Sadly abuse is the beginning cord. It’s amazing how just breathing words such as peace, freedom, acceptance and more can create such an inner change within us. I love the music connection that allows us a familiarity that we can all relate to as music does sooth the savage beast within us. Using the link to Martha’s website will not only lead the reader to her playlist but also to more information.

The writing style is deep but deep into the understanding not textbook psycho mumble-jumble that can’t be understood. Such as the lava that boils within us and how to use instead of boiling anger but to use creatively. So much clarity in simple thought that the “aha moments” actually start in the preface and introduction!

We can be healed of our past pains and hurts just as the title clearly states: “transform being pissed-off, numb, in denial or emotional into peace and passion”. Martha is our friend, confidant and guide on an exceptional journey that we must all take to achieve inner peace.

(Amazon Review) by Cheri Clay November 11, 2014

A self help book that introduces you to your spirituality – Book review of “Why Bother?”

From a victim to healer Martha has covered a long journey and is now on the path to preach self heal to everyone. The initial part of the book looked a little disappointing and not up to the 5 star mark that was mostly allotted to it, but as I traveled through chapter after chapter the beauty of this awesome book came out and I was left feeling awed. I have learnt Reiki- life force energy where I was also introduced to higher cosmic powers and the chakras hidden in our bodies. Martha goes beyond that and uses the chakras to help you gain ultimate spirituality and introduces you to higher wisdom. She shares her own abusive childhood to show how someone emotionally scarred like her can experience ultimate peace and live on a higher plane and provides help to everyone to experience the same peace and love in their lives.

(Amazon Review) by Sheryl “writersheryl” November 10, 2014